We wish to invite you to Maha Shivratri
celebrations that will be taking place at the Mandir
on Thursday 27th February 2014 from 8 pm.

There will be a play performed by the Youth Group,
singing of bhajans, Shiv Chailsa &
Lingashtakam, and mantra jap. This will then be
followed by Abhishekam on the Lingam and
offering of Bael leaves which will be performed by
everyone in a continuous manner. After which
everyone can then offer their flowers, parsad and arti.

We also wish to invite you to a
Three Nights Shiv Puran Yagna
Monday 24th February - Wednesday 26th February 2014
Puja starts at 5:00 pm. Discourses starts at 7:00 pm.
Dinner will be served. There will be secured parking.

Vyaasji will be Pundit Artma Maharaj

Around 1951, when Swami Advaitananda and other swamis visited Trinidad ,
a meeting of the Gandhi Seva Sangh was convened and the decision to erect
a Mandir in San Fernando was taken. Mr Bisram Gopie, then an employee
of Usine St Madeline, appealed to his employers for the land on which to
build the temple. Fifteen thousand square feet of land were        ...read more
  • FEBRUARY 2014
  • 02  Tilla Chaturthi;
           Kumbha Sankranti
  • 03  Basant Panchami;
           Saraswati Jayanti
  • 04  Panchak Ends
  • 05  Rath Saptami;
           Narmada Jayanti
  • 06  Bhishma Ashtmi
  • 07  Gupta Nav Raatri
  • 10  Jayaa Ekadashi
  • 11  Bhishma Dwaadashi;
  • 12  Vishwakarma Jayanti
  • 14  Poornima Vrat;
           Maagh Snaan Ends;
           Lalitaa Jayanti
  • 18  Chowth Vrat
  • 22  Sita Ashtami;
  • 25  Vijaya Ekadashi
  • 26  Pradosh
  • 27  Maha Shiv Raatri;
           Rudra Abhiseka;
           Raatri Jagaram;
           Panchak Begins
  • 28  Amaawasya;
           Swami Dayananda;
           Bodha Vtsav